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Written by Michael Tobin   
Tuesday, 19 September 2006

The Connacht Schools Combined Events Championships took place in Dangan on Thursday with a large attendance from 2nd level schools all over Connacht. The top four athletes in each age group qualify for the All Ireland Combined Events Championships to be held on Saturday 30th September at 10am in Santry Dublin.  Galway schools were particularly strong, winning six of the seven age group categories and taking 19 of the 25 qualifiers for the All Ireland finals. Full results were as follows:


Minor Girls: 1st Ashley McDonnell, Presentation Athenry, 1670 pts (75mH 13.7, LJ 3.94m, SP 6.11m, 800m 2.38.0); 2nd Sarah Helebert, Gort CS, 1655 pts (75mH 13.1, LJ 4.22m, SP 5.56m, 800m 2.47.0); 3rd Sophie Ralston, St Raphaels Loughrea, 1596 pts (75mH 13.7, LJ 4.16m, SP 6.06m, 800m 2.49.0); 4th Alex Giwa, Taylors Hill, 1354 pts (75mH 15.5, LJ 4.12m, SP 7.80m, 800m 3.11.0).

Junior Girls: 1st Cathriona Farrell, Athenry VS, 2624 pts (75mH 12.7, SP 7.04m, HJ 1.65m, LJ 4.50m, 800m 2.50.0); 2nd Rachel Finnegan, Loughrea VS, 2131 pts (75mH 13.3, SP 4.81m, HJ 1.30m, LJ 4.25m, 800m 2.36.0); 3rd Aine Tighe, Drumshambo VS, 2125 pts (75mH 12.5, SP 6.96m, HJ 1.30m, LJ 3.92m, 800m 2.49.0); 4th Leah Creaven, Presentation Athenry, 2015 pts (75mH 14.0, SP 6.35m, HJ 1.40m, LJ 4.46m, 800m 3.06.0).

Inter Girls: 1st Claire Rockall, Calasanctius Oranmore, 2966 pts (80mH 12.8, LJ 4.71m, SP 7.38m, HJ 1.55m, 800m 2.25.6); 2nd Fiona Fitzgerald, Taylors Hill, 1944 pts (80mH 14.1, LJ 4.19m, SP 5.06m, HJ 1.30m, 800m 2.55.0); 3rd Elizabeth Lavin, St Louis Kiltimagh, 1883 pts (80mH 16.7, LJ 4.16m, SP 5.28m, HJ 1.40m, 800m 2.54.0); 4th Anna Shelton, Taylors Hill, 1876 pts (80mH 15.1, LJ 3.77m, SP 4.54m, HJ 1.20m, 800m 2.33.0).

Minor Boys: 1st Sean Gill, St Louis CS Kiltimagh, 1790 pts (75mH 12.7, LJ 4.10m, SP 6.21m, 800m 2.28.8); 2nd Simon Callaghan, Presentation Headford, 1762 pts (75mH 12.4, LJ 4.35m, SP 6.99m, 800m 2.42.0); 3rd Tomas Keehan, Gort CS, 1562 pts (75mH 14.7, LJ 4.59m, SP 5.82m, 800m 2.38.0); 4th Michael Hannon, Loughrea VS, 1531 pts (75mH 15.4, LJ 4.07m, SP 6.56m, 800m 2.32.3).

Junior Boys: 1st Daniel Africano, St Raphaels Loughrea, 2734 pts (80mH 12.6, SP 8.45m, LJ 4.85m, 200m 25.2, HJ 1.50m, 800m 2.23.0); 2nd Conor Caulfield, Presentation Athenry, 2223 pts (80mH 17.2, SP 8.21m, LJ 4.67m, 200m 25.4, HJ 1.30m, 800m 2.17.5); 3rd Alan Campbell, St Josephs Galway, 2117 pts (80mH 15.9, SP 6.26m, LJ 4.77m, 200m 26.1, HJ 1.55m, 800m 2.35.0); 4th Sean Diskin, St Josephs Galway, 2078 pts (80mH 17.5, SP 7.03m, LJ 4.06m, 200m 26.7, HJ 1.60m, 800m 2.22.0).

Inter Boys: 1st David Kennedy, Presentaion Headford, 2251 pts (100mH 18.8, LJ 5.35m, SP 7.06m, HJ 1.75m, 200m 27.4, 800m 2.44.0); 2nd Francis Gallagher, St Louis CS Kiltimagh, 1950 pts (100mH  21.9, LJ 5.16m, SP 7.23m, HJ 1.55m, 200m 26.0, 800m 2.43.0); 3rd Jason Lavelle, St Louis Kiltimagh, 1430 pts (100mH  21.0, LJ 4.38m, SP 6.51m, HJ 1.40m, 200m 29.6, 800m 2.50.0); 4th Eoghan Cullen, Drumshambo VS, 926 pts (100mH  22.5, LJ 3.25m, SP 5.54m, HJ 1.25m, 200m 40.0, 800m 3.33.0).

Senior Boys: 1st  Robert McGrath, St Raphaels Loughrea, 1904 pts (110mH  24.8, SP 7.99m, HJ 1.40m, 200m 25.2, LJ 4.98m, 800m 2.40.0).



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