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Written by Michael Tobin   
Sunday, 13 February 2005

It was another busy weekend for Galway athletes with action in the AAA Indoors event in Sheffield and in the AAI Connacht Indoor Track & Field in Nenagh. In Sheffield, Paul Hession equaled his personal best in the 200m, taking gold in a time of 21.01 seconds. In Nenagh, the event was held over 2 days due to the large numbers taking part. Galway clubs were at the top of the medals board over the two days with Athenry, GCH and Craughwell taking the most gold medals amongst the Connacht clubs.  

Galway was particularly strong in the relay events, winning 9 of the 13 relay races, silver medallist in 6 relays and bronze in 5 relays. Results in the relays were:

U12 Girls 4x100: 2 Craughwell (Debbie Kenny, Katie O' Donoghue, Siobhán Gardiner, Linda Porter, Orla Ryan) 3 GCH (Ruth O'Sullivan, Nicola Conlon, Georgina Healy, Deirdre Lally, Ailbhe Goulding)
U12 Boys 4x100: 1 Craughwell (Jason Kennedy, David Concannon, Pádraic Tobin, Luke Cormican, David Farrell)                                       
U13 Girls 4x100: 1 GCH A (Amy Rohan, Dora Gorman, Aoife Cunningham, Alexis Giwa) 3 GCH B (Sarah Johnson, Emma Carter, Aishling O'Brien, Ciara Maher)                                         
U13 Boys 4x100: 1 Inis Mór (Conal Hernon, Caomhan Joyce Eoin Mullen, Cian Hernon, Barry Joyce) 2 Craughwell (Luca Graziadei, Niall Rooney, John Kerse, Mícheál Hannon, Shaun Gallagher) 3 GCH (Ruairi Coyle, Sean Moran, Eamon O'Donnell, John Evans)
U14 Girls 4x200: 1 Craughwell (Kelly O'Donoghue, Cathriona Farrell, Rachel Finnegan, Rebecca Helebert, Sophie Rolston) 3 GCH (Rachel Allen, Roisín Lally, Niamh Walsh, Lynsey Trainor)
U14 Boys 4x200: 1 Athenry (Conor Caulfield, Thomas Flynn, Liam Finnerty, Kevin Madden) 2 GCH (Ryan Harrington, Daryl Horgan, Seamus O'Conghaile, Alan Campbell, Ronan Coyle)
U15 Girls 4x200: 1 Athenry (Rebecca Nolan, Aoife Touhy, Kateyln Duane, Rachel Shaw, Carol McCarthy) 2 GCH (Aedin Esselemont, Fiona Fitzgibbon, Claire Ruane, Irene Gorman, Anna Shelton)
U16 Girls 4x200: 1 Athenry (Rebecca Nolan, Katelyn Duane, Karen Hession, Claire Rockall) 2 GCH (Sarah Walsh, Sinead Cummins, Caoimhe Daniels, Jennifer O'Donnell)
U17 Girls 4x200: 1 Athenry (Elaine Touhy, Aoife Bannon, Colleen McInerney, Sarah Connolly, Karen Hession) 2 GCH (Sinead Diskin, Aoife Carthy, Jennifer O'Donnell, Julianne Harrington)
U18 Girls 4x200: 1 GCH (Sinead Diskin, Julianne Harrington, Natalie Allen, Gemma Hynes)

In the individual events, Galway clubs were also the strongest, winning over 45 individual titles. There were some exceptional performances from a number of athletes, including Cathriona Farrell (Craughwell), Claire Rockall and Aoife Bannon (Athenry), and Gemma Hynes (GCH) each of whom won 4 gold medals. This elite group was closely followed by Alexis Giwa (GCH) and Rachel Shaw (Athenry) who both won 3 gold medals, with neighboring club Border Ramblers from the Shrule-Headford area also providing triple gold winners in Simon Callaghan and Patrick Kennedy. Full individual results for the Galway clubs are as follows.

U12 Girls: 600m 1 Linda Porter (Craughwell, 1:58.10); Long Jump 3 Nicola Conlon (GCH, 3.43); High Jump 3 Katie O'Donoghue (Craughwell, 1.10)
U12 Boys: 60m 2 Colm Horgan (GCH), 3 Ronan Dobey (GCH); 600m 1 David Concannon (Craughwell, 1.56.5), 2 Ronan Dobey (GCH, 1.57.19), 3 Conal Hernon (Inis Mór, 1.57.47) High Jump 1 Jason Kennedy (Craughwell, 1.15), 2 Kevin Dooley (Tuam, 1.10), 3 Pádraic Tobin (Craughwell, 1.05)
U13 Girls: 60m 2 Aoife Cunningham (GCH, 8.67) 3 Alexis Giwa (GCH, 8.92); 60mh 1 Ciara Meagher (GCH, 11.02) 3 Sarah Johnson (GCH, 12.23); 600m 2 Sarah Helebert (Craughwell, 1:55.26), 3 Claire Burke (Ballinasloe, 1:56.36); Long Jump 1 Alexis Giwa (GCH, 4.12); High Jump 1 Alexis Giwa (GCH, 1.25) 2 Sinead Touhy (Athenry, 1.20); Shot Putt 3 Kate Bryan (Craughwell, 6.29)
U13 Boys: 60m 2 Sean Moran (GCH, 8.54) 3 Robert Lyons (Portumna, 8.89); 600m 2 Micheál Hannon (Craughwell, 1:50.0); Long Jump 3 Robert Lyons (Portumna, 4.00); Shot Putt 1 Micheál Hannon (Craughwell, 7.89)
U14 Girls: 60m 1 Cathriona Farrell (Craughwell, 8.50) 3 Rachel Allen (GCH, 9.01); 60mh 1 Rachel Shaw (Athenry) 3 Rachel Finnegan (Craughwell); 800m 1 Rachel Shaw (Athenry, 1.34.00), 2 Rachel Finnegan (Craughwell, 1.35.00); Long Jump 1 Cathriona Farrell (Craughwell, 4.83); High Jump 1 Cathriona Farrell (Craughwell, 1.55) 3 Rebecca Helebert (Craughwell, 1.35).
U14 Boys: 60m 2 Thomas Flynn (Athenry); 60mh 2 Ryan Harrington (GCH), 3 Daryl Horgan (GCH); 800m 1 Conor Caulfield (Athenry); Long Jump 1 Alan Campbell (GCH, 4.48), 3 Seamus O'Conghaile (GCH, 4.28); High Jump 1  Alan Campbell (GCH, 1.35), 1 Seamus O'Conghaile (GCH, 1.35); Shot Putt 1 Seán Hannon (Craughwell, 8.74), 2 David Porter (Craughwell, 8.23)
U15 Girls: 60m 3 Katelyn Duane (Athenry, 8.51); 60mh 2 Rebecca Nolan (Athenry, 9.92), 3 Ann Marie Starr (Portumna, 10.36); 800m 1 Irene Gorman (GCH, 2:32.63), 2 Aoife Tuohy (Athenry, 2:35.79), 3 Ali Burke (Ballinasloe, 2:40.93); Long Jump 1 Leah Creaven (Craughwell, 4.27); High Jump 3 Fiona Fitzgibbon (GCH, 1.40); Shot Putt 3 Lisa Porter (Craughwell, 6.97); Walks 1 Carol O'Donnell (GCH, 9.34)
U15 Boys: 60m 2 Darren Hession (Tuam, 8.23); 60mh 3 Emmet Fahy (Tuam, 12.13); 800m 2 Ciaran Treacy (Portumna, 2.27.16); High Jump 2 Darren Hession (Tuam, 1.35)                             
U16 Girls: 60m 3 Jennifer O'Donnell (GCH); 60mh 2 Jennifer O'Donnell (GCH); 800m 1 Claire Rockall (Athenry); 1500m 2 Nicola O'Ceallaigh (GCH), 3 Caoimhe Daniels (GCH); Long Jump 1 Claire Rockall (Athenry, 4.64), 2 Jennifer O'Donnell GCH, 4.47), 3 Veronica Burke (Portumna, 3.66); High Jump 1 Claire Rockall (Athenry)
U16 Boys: Long Jump 2 Christopher Starr (Portumna, 4.85)
U17 Girls: 60m 1 Aoife Bannon (Athenry, 7.77); 60mh 1 Aoife Bannon (Athenry, 9.64), 2 Joyce Fahy (Tuam, 11.33); 200m 1 Sarah Connolly (Athenry, 27.11); 800m 2 Julianne Harrington (GCH, 2.26.73); 1500m 2 Joyce Fahy (Tuam), 3 Anita Burke (Portumna); Long Jump 1 Aoife Bannon (Athenry, 4.85), 3 Anita Burke (Portumna, 3.46)
U17 Boys: 200m 3 Robert McGrath (Craughwell, 26.15)
U18 Girls: 60m 1 Gemma Hynes (GCH, 7.30), 2 Natalie Allen (GCH, 7.60); 60mh 1 Sarah Finnegan (Craughwell, 10.68); 200m 1 Gemma Hynes (GCH), 2 Natalie Allen (GCH); 300m 1 Gemma Hynes (GCH, 40.96), 2 Michelle Sands (Athenry); 800m 1 Michelle Sands (Athenry); Triple Jump 1 Sarah Finnegan (Craughwell, 8.25)
U18 Boys: 60mh 3 David Neary (Athenry); Long Jump 1 Daniel Loughnane (Loughrea, 5.80), 3 Matthew Faherty (GCH, 4.23); High Jump 2 Daniel Loughnane (Loughrea)
U19 Boys: 60m 1 Suibhne Blaix (GCH, 7.11); 200m 2 James Tully (Portumna, 24.22), 3 Suibhne Blaix (GCH, 25.13); 800m 1 Cormac McDonald (Ballinasloe); Long Jump 2 James Tully (Portumna, 5.34), 3 Suibhne Blaix (GCH, 4.91); Shot Putt 1 James Tully (Portumna, 8.69)
Senior Women: 60mh 1 Mary Barrett (Loughrea, 10.42); Shot Putt 1 Mary Barrett (Loughrea, 9.32)
Senior Men: 1500m 1 Joseph McDonnald (Ballinasloe), 2 Pat Sherry (GCH), 3 Martin Corcoran (Loughrea); 3000m 2 Pat Sherry (GCH, 9.37.91)
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